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You want to start a meditation practice … but …

You have to be at the office early
Your kids need to get to day-care
You need to make breakfast—and dinner
You like to work out in the morning

These excuses are all valid because you have a busy life.

But guess what? You still have time to meditate.

And here are 8 reasons why you should:

  1. Makes you happier – Meditation causes the pituitary gland in our brain to secrete endorphins that help elevate mood and have a positive effect on the whole body.
  2. Reduces stress – Endorphins also act as a means of reducing stress levels in the brain.
  3. Helps you focus – Meditating allows you to learn how to discipline yourself. When you address tasks, your mind will focus more naturally and you will experience an increased efficiency.
  4. Improves sleep – Scientific studies have shown that those who meditate enhance their slow wave sleep pattern – they sleep more soundly throughout the night.
  5. Lowers blood pressure – Meditation can reduce blood pressure, both in the moment of meditation and throughout the rest of the day.
  6. Relieves Pain – Those who meditate will experience lower pain sensitivity. Mindfulness, a result of meditation, can also help those who suffer chronic pain.
  7. Connects you with others – While it is true that meditation is mostly concentrated on self-growth, it also improves our social interaction. The mind becomes more sharply focused on compassionate feelings that are directed towards others.
  8. Strengthens your aura – Practicing meditation increases your positive energy, which effectively makes you more pleasant to be around. People naturally gravitate towards positivity.

OK – How Do You Meditate?

  1. Sit for just 5 minutes. Increase by 2 minutes every couple of days until you’ve reached your time goal.
  2. Try to do it at the same time each day. Morning is ideal
  3. Don’t get caught up in the how – just do it. Don’t worry about where to sit, or how to sit. Just sit somewhere comfortable and quiet, rest your hands in your lap and be still.
  4. Be mindful of your breathing. Slow and steady wins the meditation race.
  5. Come back when you wander. Your mind will wander. You’ll start thinking about school lunches and the day ahead. Here’s how you refocus: make a big, broad smile, take a deep breath roll your shoulders and you’re back in the game.
  6. Wrap it up. At the end of your session, blink a few times, roll your shoulders, smile and lastly, express gratitude for this most important time of your day.