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CLE originated as a consulting firm that specialized in civil and marine engineering. Over the years, our capabilities have become more diverse, and today, CLE is known as a premier full-service engineering firm offering expertise in the fields of hydrographic and topographic surveys, dredge engineering and material management and in the disciplines of structural, geotechnical, architectural, marine, environmental, and civil engineering. As a complement to our professional engineering and surveying capabilities, CLE also offers comprehensive planning, permitting and construction management services.

The CLE Team is comprised of a dedicated group of professional engineers, LEED-certified associates, scientists and ACSM/THSOA certified hydrographers. It is through our diversity, team approach and our commitment to client advocacy that makes CLE a recognized leader in the engineering industry on land and water, earning us the reputation for making things happen from coast to coast. With offices located in the northeast, southeast, northwest and along the west coast, we are readily available to service clients from the private and public sectors and the construction community throughout the United States.

Why Choose CLE?

Our clients recognize us as a dedicated group of engineers, project and construction managers, surveyors, and hydrographers focused on completing projects in an innovative, time-efficient and cost-effective manner.

Our goal is simply stated:

“To be the most thoughtful, accurate and
hardest working engineering firm engaged
by its clients. Our company will be measured
ultimately by our clients and their satisfaction
with our performance.”

John A. DeRugeris, P.E.
Founding Principal Engineer485743 b

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